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Kyungsun Orr Playing the One-Handed Saxaphone

Renee Weintein (above right) played a one-handed toggle-key saxophonefrom 2010 to 2014. This is the saame horn that was formerly played by Kyungsun Orr. Renee, age 14, experienced a complete avulsion, or tearing, of her left brachial plexus nerves in 2008 when learning to ski for the first time with the Girl Scouts. She suffered many injuries, but the brachial plexus injury has remained and caused a flaccid paralysis of her left arm. Her left arm, hand, and fingers are unable to move. Her sensation ends close to her left elbow. Many nerve grafts have been attempted in the last two years but all have been unsuccessful. Thankfully she is right hand dominant.

Prior to the accident Renee played the piano and clarinet. She excelled at the clarinet and as a 6th grader (after just one year on the instrument) was placed first seat in the Fairport Martha Brown Concert Band amongst many upper classmen (the school houses students from 6th-8th grade). This award-winning band is extremely competitive and entry is allowed only after audition. She received perfect scores on her New York State Music Association (NYSSMA) solos. After the accident, she missed her arm and fingers terribly and really wished she could play the clarinet again.  But, there were no options available for a one handed person to continue with the instrument.

Kyungsun Orr (below right) lost his left arm in an aiplane accident in 2002, when he was 14. Previous to his accident, Kyungsun had been an avid saxophone player. With the toggle-key saxophone he leased from the program from 2003-2010 he was able to once again play the saxophone. Throughout high school and in college, he participated in symphonic band. In addition to his involvement in school bands, he often played for friends and family, even giving a solo at his own wedding in the summer of 2008.