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Check out these RELATED LINKS:

VSA Nebraska is a state wide organization dedicated to supporting arts in the lives of people with disabilities.

Click here to link to a wonderful video featuring a euphonium with valves operated by solenoids and controlled by a joystick built by Robin Amend and Andrew Coleman. Read the article, then click on "video library", then use the dropdown menu to go to "technology integration," then click on "assistive technology-enabling dreams" to view video. Its worth the time and trouble!!

Dolmetsch One-Handed Recorders

NEW (8/17/06) International Discussion Board devoted to Musical Instruments Adapted for Persons with Disabilities

Amazing video of saxophones developed at the University of Alberta, Canada for amputees. Part of this video originally aired on the "That's Incredible" television series. This video features Hank Demarco and comes to us courtesy of Dr. Richard B. Stein, University of Alberta, Canada. [WMV streaming video.]

More information about the University of Alberta saxophones can be found in the article by Dean Charles, Kelvin James and Richard Stein. "Rehabilitation of Musicians with upper limb amputations." _Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development._ Summer 1988. pp 25-32.

Edit van der Burg Mayer's site about herself and her one-handed flute.

Flute-Lab: Amsterdam

Conn One-Handed 'F' Mezzo-soprano Sax

One-Handed Wind Synthesizer: Rotterdam